We're excited to announce that our fall Sip'N Style event will have a focus on curvy, plus size fashionistas size 14 and up! Apply today to join us! Space is limited! 


67% of women in the country are sizes 14 and up! However, this demographic is still underrepresented by most retailers. As a result, it makes it frustrating to shop and often discourages women to put effort into their wardrobes.  As this customer segment is held near and dear to thePradaG's heart, she wanted to take the time to focus on these women and help them look stylish and confident no matter what size they are! 


"Experiencing a styling session with Germanee will open up your eyes to a new world of fashion possibilities. She listens to your body concerns and style preferences, but helps guide you through the process of stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring an idea you wouldn't have originally tried. Going through the Sip N Style process, you'll not only walk away with a fabulous outfit, you will have gained the tools, and confidence, to create outfits that make you feel beautiful and stand out from the crowd" - Nicole, Inaugural Sip'N Style Participant


"I signed up for the Sip n Style event with a little trepidation. I've always been very shy in front of the camera, and this was an opportunity to push myself. Germanee and her team made the process amazing and easy from beginning to end. The theme of our SNS was Wear Now, Wear Later, which focused on transitioning key pieces in your closet from Fall to Winter. The best part of all of it is that Germanee used clothes that were already in my closet, so the outfits really reflected my own personal style and were looks I would actually wear again. The day of the shoot, Germanee and her team made me feel totally comfortable, and I was able to tackle my fear of getting in front of the camera. This is a fun and custom experience that I would recommend to anybody looking for a new, fresh approach to some of their favorite clothing items and/or stylish headshots/photos for your personal collection." - Michele R., Fall Sip'N Style 2016 Participant



How much is the Sip'N Style? 

Our quarterly Sip'N Style event is $75.  

How does the Sip'N Style Process work? 

After you apply, we will contact you for a 1-on-1 hangout with our lead stylist. From there, thePradaG will set up your personal styling consultation for you to be styled. On the day of the event, you will show up in the clothes you were styled in, enjoy a presentation, cocktails, and have your photographs taken. 

Do I have to show up to the event to participate? 

It is a requirement that you attend the event! If you fail to attend the event after being styled, you may be subject to our full service charge.  If you would like a personalized experience, please book your 1-on-1 styling session with thePradaG on our booking page. 

How long is the Sip'N Style Event? 

The event usually runs three and half hours. We will begin promptly at 9am! Following the presentation, personal photographs will be taken. You do not have to stay after your photos have been taken. 

When will I receive my Sip'N Style photos? 

You will receive your Sip'N Style photos after the event has been posted publicly on our website. 

Can I host my own Sip'N Style? 

Of course! If you'd like to host your own event with your best girl friends, you may do so by booking a private Sip'N Style on our booking site and thePradaG will come to you!

After the Sip'N Style event, will I have the opportunity to hire thePradaG as my personal stylist?

Yes, of course! After the Sip'N Style event, all of our services are available to you!