• Client: Simone D. 
  • Body Type: Hourglass 
  • Where You’re Going: The Day Party
  • What You're Wearing: Bodysuit + Wide Leg Pant

A day party equates to good vibes, good music, and most importantly a great outfit. No matter the season, the appropriate attire for a day party is always in question - you want to look party ready but not look like your going to a night club.  With dresses off the table, an unorthodox but equally befitting alternative are a wide leg pant and bodysuit. 

Simone, has an hourglass shape which means her waist is defined and her bust and hips are proportioned. 

  • Yasss: Tailored pieces, anything with waist cinching, high waist bottoms
  • Nooo: Voluminous blouses that take the attention away from your waist 

For her day party look I focused on bright color blocking - which evoked a whimsical summer vibe. The look is definitely a sure head turner as the deep cuts on the side of the bodysuit add a subtle sensual element- perfect for a day party.  I paired the top with a wide legged pant, breaking away from the skinny pant regimen and getting her a little more comfortable with the new pant leg phenomena. The orange in her pant was vibrant but didn’t add extra pounds to her petite frame and showed off her small waist. The trick is to add a pair of heels to elongate your frame. The combination of the bright pants and flats would’ve have been a sheer faux pas as it would’ve made her look stumpy. I don’t know about anyone else but ummm... no one wants to look stumpy at a party-or ever! Ladies remember beauty is pain wear your heels and lean out your frame especially when wearing wide leg trousers. 

As far as color blocking goes, it's best to find hues that have similar intensities within the same color family. Doing so provides balance to the eye, which is why I selected the warm hues of pink and orange. Her turquoise necklace was a perfect pop of color - although it is a cool tone it had the same intensity of color as the top and bottom. 

So, now I know you're thinking "bodysuit and color block...I can do that-nailed it!  But, how can I make this wide leg pant -with massive amounts of fabric- look good on me"? If your frame is similar to Simone, you already have the recipe for success so get to shopping! If you have a fuller figure, a slimming approach would be to wear a printed or dark colored bottom. If you're tall, a printed bottom would work well for you as well, but instead of dark trousers lean towards brighter colors like orange, white, or even navy so that accentuate your the long legs you were born with and don’t make you disappear. 

Okay now that you're day party ready lets cool down for a SUMMER DATE (click)!