There’s something about warm weather that makes me want to put my jeans away and throw on a dress. The inclination to do so always strikes me as odd especially because I don’t wear dresses often, I stopped wearing them as much once I moved to SF because pants are more sensible and comfortable. When I do wear dresses, they are never super girly, but I decided to channel my southern side this season ( my mom would be so proud), and purchase a couple of dresses that would support my spring events.  

Being petite, I’ve grown particularly fond of midi dresses, I absolutely hate short dresses and most maxi dresses are too long for me.  A midi dress to me is like Goldie Lock’s bowl of porridge that was just right. There were two dresses in particular, I absolutely couldn’t pass up and they both severed two distinct purposes - one was an all white lace sweetheart dress and the second a cotton vertical stripe dress.  

ON THE LACE:  What enticed me to purchase the lace was the femininity. I loved the open lace detail of this dress making it a quintessential piece of a day trip in Napa Valley . The silhouette accentuated my figure, as the flare of the skirt emphasize the definition of my waist while the sweetheart neckline accented my small chest. I threw on the hat to add a tonal element of color and keep the sun out of my face. Since the dress showed my shoulders and legs, I wore ankle strap heels to keep the balance of skin, closed to shoes would have covered my toes and  unbalanced the look. 

SKINNY ON THE STRIPE   Sometimes stripes can give the optical illusion that you're larger than you are, so I'm not going to lie I was skeptical when I purchased this dress. When I tried it on it was actually very slimming - I tell my clients all the time to try things on before you count it out, I'm so glad I practiced what I preach. I really loved the empire waist, which added to the slimming affect. The blue against the white was refreshing and spring like, I used red as a complementary color for a pop for an unexpected whimsical detail.  This casual dress is perfect for work or a date and if you swap the heels for slide in sandals its perfect for a spring picnic in the park. 

SHAPE NOTES: Midi silhouettes are universally flattering. The lace dress is a fit and flare, so for straighter girls it gives the faced that they have curves, and curvy girls accentuates and flatters the curves they already have. The stripe dress has an empire waist which is also every flattering on every body type, if your petite, make sure you wear heels just as I did so that the dress truly looks like a midi and not a maxi dress. 

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