Day Time Lingerie to wear or not to wear? 

Wearing your lingerie/lingerie like apparel outside of your boudoir is an emerging trend. I would have to say this is risky business and can be quite controversial. I recently went out with a group of friends in a lace top from Zara for drinks at a bar. I felt so visibly invisible, as my top was personified, it became a topic of conversation, and if no one said anything, trust me they stared at my "shirt" in silence just thinking about my sheer audacity to wear it. But i took it all in strides, I was confident because it was what I wanted to wear, and what I felt comfortable in. Fashion is your own self expression, so don’t let anyone’s thoughts deter you from your style because it is a reflection of your personality. 

Now Im sure some of you are like girl, I hear you, but I just can’t do it. I’ve seen some really tasteful ways to register the trend. Like wearing a lace bra or top over a t-shirt. Or a sheer lacey top with a cami underneath. If its still too much for you , lace pants or a lace skirt is just fine too. 

I want to know your thoughts though? Do you think it’s appropriate to wear your sexy little things outside of the bedroom in a tasteful way? Or is it completely off the table?



Shape Notes: Bust Talk

Itty Bitty Committee? The lace top worked for me because I have a pear shaped frame, my chest is small and I have wider hips. I would have to say that this top probably works best for those with smaller breast. 

Large Bust? You can wear a top with similar sentiments. Try on a lace like bustier or bralette with high waist pants, and a blazer for a night out the town.