There is always a subtle quandary (at least in my mind) as to what the perfect outfit for a day in Napa should be. Especially because you have to take into account the heat, the practicality of the outfit, and how to look effortlessly chic at the same time.  With no time to hit the mall and realizing that long sleeve sweaters and jeans were the only things in stores in September, I decided to look in my closet to see that I could find. Usually, I would try to wear a dress, but since I moved to SF, I stopped buying  summer dresses because it's chilly most of the year. So my tank from Express, sufficed and its is usually my go to when I'm trying to find something quick. Im super obsessed with it, its reversible and versatile since I can dress it up or down. There was no way I was wearing jeans in the heat so going through my small pile of shorts I came across an old pair of lace shorts from Zara and decided the two would be perfect for a monochromatic look. 

Monochromatic, means that you're pairing the same color or color family together as a result you create an effortless yet chic look without overly thinking, its definitely a look and trend that's transferable to any season so I encourage you to try it out. Start out with grey, black, or white if your a little apprehensive, but once you've got it down try a bold color like emerald or burgundy, especially for fall! Always remember that it's a statement in itself, simplicity is key,  you don't need too much fuss in accessories or shoes when creating a look like this.