G Day, otherwise known as my birthday was an amazing day filled with love from coworkers and friends. I was grateful for the time shared with them and making my day special, especially being away from my family. Even though I had to work, I still wanted to make sure I looked great in whatever I wore that day. I decided on this romanic, 70's inspired top. I loved the femininity and billowing of the sleeves, it looked so expensive, and I got so many compliments; people were definitely shocked when I said I purchased it from Forever 21. I threw on a pair of olive (my) work appropriate shorts that complimented the shirt quite well. I went back and forth between a natural colored shoe or the olive but there was something that felt right about and unexpected about the my olive gladiators. The outfit was simple and chic, my accessories followed suit, I stacked a few of my favorite rings and my Giles and Brothers bracelet.