Culottes (pronounced Coo-lot), actually aren't that cool. Don't get me wrong, it a super cute pant it just doesn't warrant itself to be as democratic for ever body type as a good skinny ankle pant. I'd also have to mention that the best renditions, I've seen, of people in culottes, are by women who tall and lean. However, that shouldn't keep you totally away from trying them. I was actually challenged by a co-worker to try them out. I initially said no, I'm 5 '3, with larger thighs so it didn't sound right for me, and I definitely wasnt going to pay full price. Luckily, I saw a pair on markdown at Gap for three dollars, and thought I had nothing to lose. I was actually super excited about trying them and seeing if I could really pull them off. I loved the fabric of the pants, they are a light linen blend so I wanted to play with textures so I layered on the J.O.A. crop top with tassels and I loved the subtle contrast of cream and white. Since the pants were high on my waist, and the crop top was longer than most it made it pretty easy for me to wear to work. I layered on my olive shirt jacket for more depth of color. I finished the look with a high heel- I needed to add length so that I wouldn't look shorter and frumpy. I can't say that I'd go all out and make this my new favorite pant, but it was definitely worth a college try!