Lately, I've been all about comfort- ditching my heels for sneakers. With all of the thriving innovation and push for fashion, sneakers have been taken out of their perceptive wear-to-workout box.  Sneakers are now a statement and expression of ones individuality through color, print, pattern, and brand. Even hough my "southern" self kept screaming that it was a faux pas to wear sneakers with a dress, it felt quite invigorating to take a step outside of the norm.  I had had my eye on the SL Loop Adidas for quite sometime and finally decided to take the plunge. I love the color, especially since I don't wear pink it didn't feel overtly feminine and still had a little bit of edge. The elements of color and style that I appreciated about the shoe gave me confidence to be bold and wear them with my midi dress.  I received so many compliments and I must say it felt  great it felt to go to a day party and not have to leave with my feet stinging from being in heels for so long.