Living in SF for the past year and getting accustomed to the constant weather changes during the day, I've had to master the art of layering. As a result, my creativity has expanded beyond just layering on a jacket over a chunky sweater, to learning new ways to be more versatile with my wardrobe. My "top" is actually a romper from Fifth the Label, I bought it a couple of months ago with hopes to wear it over the summer; however, the weather hasn't been on my side. I finally got tired of looking at it on a hanger and decided that I was going to find a way to wear it so I threw on a pair of paper bag waist pants over it. Surprisingly, it turned out to be an adorable outfit! I also added a pair of lace up heels to add some length to the look. 

HOW TO: Here's a few more details about how I created the style above:

  1.  The pants should be a little loose, you don't want the shorts from the romper to show through your pants. 
  2. Make sure your pants are high waisted to cover the cinching at the waist that most rompers have (so paper bag waist pants are definitely perfect). 
  3. Layer a jacket over the look and wear your romper-pant combo into fall!

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