It’s the holidays so it’s time to bring on the holiday parties, and more importantly the holiday party outfits! Every year I buy a dress to be festive for the holiday season, it’s easy, it doesn’t take much time to stylize because the outfit is already made. Unfortunately, this season, I haven’t been too inspired by the holiday dresses at the stores and nothing on the racks resonated enough for me to spend money. So I decided that I would not be lazy this year and pull together an outfit…and ironically I ended up creating a faux dress (haha). 

I took an untraditional approach, no glitzy sequence no glamour glitter, just chic black and white with fringe ! To me it felt holiday in my own way, and thats what you have to do, you have to be comfortable in what you are wearing, so if it doesnt fit the status quo…so what, be festive in your own way. 

Recreating my look is simple, take a longer length top, and with out tucking it in, wear it over a skirt thats above your knees. Although best for petite and average heights, this will create the illusion that you have on a dress. If your skirt is too long, your proportions would be off balance and a shorter skirt, would skew to be a little inappropriate, especially for a company holiday party.  If you happen to live in a colder climate, add tights, and a duster coat and this look is all yours!

No matter, where you go this holiday season…make sure you go to your events in style!

Get the look!