The boyfriend jean has become a staple fit over the past few years. You would wonder how it got to that point, especially because the number one question I’ve gotten from my clients is how can I find a good pair of boyfriend jeans for my body type. 

For the petite and curvy: 

The boyfriend jean isn’t the most flattering fit, theres a lot of slouch and extra fabric. This often results in making you look larger than you actually are which isn’t figure flattering at all. The object is to get a boyfriend, not make men not want to talk to you at all. But rest assure that you can still get in these jeans. A slim boyfriend fit, has a little bit of slouch in the thigh but is tapered at the leg to give you a shape and will keep you from looking boxy and a few pounds heavier. If you like high rise jeans, other than the great advantage of hiding your mid section, high rise boyfriend jeans can elongate your frame.  I also have to wear slim boyfriends, being petite with a pear shape. I have grown to love Gap’s sexy boyfriend jeans as well as Madewell’s Slim Boy Jean. I’ve also listed a few other brands below to try. 

Best for the Petite and Curvy: 

For the Tall and Slim: 

The boyfriend jeans was made just for your frame, especially those with a lean or boyish frame.  The slouch and bagginess doenst look ill fitting on you, making it easy to throw on a cute pair of flats or heels. All variations of the boyfriend jean like cropped, high waist usually look great on your frame. If you feel like it jeans are a little too baggy the slim boy jean also is applicable to your body type. 

Best for the Tall and Slim: