There’s something about warm weather that makes me want to put my jeans away and throw on a dress. The inclination to do so always strikes me as odd especially because I don’t wear dresses often, I stopped wearing them as much once I moved to SF because pants are more sensible and comfortable. When I do wear dresses, they are never super girly, but I decided to channel my southern side this season ( my mom would be so proud), and purchase a couple of dresses that would support my spring events.  

Being petite, I’ve grown particularly fond of midi dresses, I absolutely hate short dresses and most maxi dresses are too long for me.  A midi dress to me is like Goldie Lock’s bowl of porridge that was just right. There were two dresses in particular, I absolutely couldn’t pass up and they both severed two distinct purposes - one was an all white lace sweetheart dress and the second a cotton vertical stripe dress.  

ON THE LACE:  What enticed me to purchase the lace was the femininity. I loved the open lace detail of this dress making it a quintessential piece of a day trip in Napa Valley . The silhouette accentuated my figure, as the flare of the skirt emphasize the definition of my waist while the sweetheart neckline accented my small chest. I threw on the hat to add a tonal element of color and keep the sun out of my face. Since the dress showed my shoulders and legs, I wore ankle strap heels to keep the balance of skin, closed to shoes would have covered my toes and  unbalanced the look. 

SKINNY ON THE STRIPE   Sometimes stripes can give the optical illusion that you're larger than you are, so I'm not going to lie I was skeptical when I purchased this dress. When I tried it on it was actually very slimming - I tell my clients all the time to try things on before you count it out, I'm so glad I practiced what I preach. I really loved the empire waist, which added to the slimming affect. The blue against the white was refreshing and spring like, I used red as a complementary color for a pop for an unexpected whimsical detail.  This casual dress is perfect for work or a date and if you swap the heels for slide in sandals its perfect for a spring picnic in the park. 

SHAPE NOTES: Midi silhouettes are universally flattering. The lace dress is a fit and flare, so for straighter girls it gives the faced that they have curves, and curvy girls accentuates and flatters the curves they already have. The stripe dress has an empire waist which is also every flattering on every body type, if your petite, make sure you wear heels just as I did so that the dress truly looks like a midi and not a maxi dress. 

Need more Spring Dress Inspiration? Check out my Spring Sip'N Style post to help inspire you for any social event this season. 


Day Time Lingerie to wear or not to wear? 

Wearing your lingerie/lingerie like apparel outside of your boudoir is an emerging trend. I would have to say this is risky business and can be quite controversial. I recently went out with a group of friends in a lace top from Zara for drinks at a bar. I felt so visibly invisible, as my top was personified, it became a topic of conversation, and if no one said anything, trust me they stared at my "shirt" in silence just thinking about my sheer audacity to wear it. But i took it all in strides, I was confident because it was what I wanted to wear, and what I felt comfortable in. Fashion is your own self expression, so don’t let anyone’s thoughts deter you from your style because it is a reflection of your personality. 

Now Im sure some of you are like girl, I hear you, but I just can’t do it. I’ve seen some really tasteful ways to register the trend. Like wearing a lace bra or top over a t-shirt. Or a sheer lacey top with a cami underneath. If its still too much for you , lace pants or a lace skirt is just fine too. 

I want to know your thoughts though? Do you think it’s appropriate to wear your sexy little things outside of the bedroom in a tasteful way? Or is it completely off the table?



Shape Notes: Bust Talk

Itty Bitty Committee? The lace top worked for me because I have a pear shaped frame, my chest is small and I have wider hips. I would have to say that this top probably works best for those with smaller breast. 

Large Bust? You can wear a top with similar sentiments. Try on a lace like bustier or bralette with high waist pants, and a blazer for a night out the town. 



I've never been a huge fan of winter. Which is a major reason why I moved to California, no rain, no snow! Although snow is beautiful, and the thought of cozying up by a fire place sounds desirable, brutal winter temperatures have never been my thing. To add to the frustration of being cold, its honestly hard to find something stylish to wear while trying to stay warm at the same time - the two just don't go together ( I know I can't be the only one who thinks this). 

Well in true Californian fashion, for vacation my friends and I decided to go to Colorado for a ski trip ( I guess we see the sun too much). The thought of a ski trip sounded fun, but as we got closer to the date, I found myself in a quandary because I had no idea what I should wear. 

Im not a fan of heavy sweaters, being petite, it makes me look large and they don't look the best on my body type -so I decided to layer.  For this look in particular, I threw on my favorite wool duster coat, its also  trend relevant. For my pants I found some really great, thick winter leggings to keep me warm. My turtleneck was fitted, even though I layered a few tanks under it, I tied my flannel top around my waist just in case I got cold. I finished the look off with a tonal blanket scarf around my neck and a men's trapper hat I came across while shopping at Urban Outfitters. Since decided to channel different levels of black, I added a red lip for a pop of color. I was bundled up in style,  and managed to steer clear of frumpiness!




It’s the holidays so it’s time to bring on the holiday parties, and more importantly the holiday party outfits! Every year I buy a dress to be festive for the holiday season, it’s easy, it doesn’t take much time to stylize because the outfit is already made. Unfortunately, this season, I haven’t been too inspired by the holiday dresses at the stores and nothing on the racks resonated enough for me to spend money. So I decided that I would not be lazy this year and pull together an outfit…and ironically I ended up creating a faux dress (haha). 

I took an untraditional approach, no glitzy sequence no glamour glitter, just chic black and white with fringe ! To me it felt holiday in my own way, and thats what you have to do, you have to be comfortable in what you are wearing, so if it doesnt fit the status quo…so what, be festive in your own way. 

Recreating my look is simple, take a longer length top, and with out tucking it in, wear it over a skirt thats above your knees. Although best for petite and average heights, this will create the illusion that you have on a dress. If your skirt is too long, your proportions would be off balance and a shorter skirt, would skew to be a little inappropriate, especially for a company holiday party.  If you happen to live in a colder climate, add tights, and a duster coat and this look is all yours!

No matter, where you go this holiday season…make sure you go to your events in style!

Get the look!


As soon as the heat of the summer goes away, your brain tells you its time to close the closet on the feminine floral prints from the season before and trade it all in for a fall plaid. My closet is personally fatigued of traditional plaid button ups, although still very relevant, I wanted to try plaid in a new way. I found this high-low crop top from Zara and fell in love with it. It was just what I needed to freshen up the way I wear plaid, and thought it would be perfect to wear for my Sip'N Style.  Long line silhouettes are tricky and its all about proportion play, so if you are petite and curvy like me, follow my lead on how to wear this top yourself. 

Ideally, the best bottom to complement the top would have been a fitted midi-skirt. The tightness of the skirt around my hips and knees would have accentuated my curves, covered my mid-section, and would have given more credit to the detail in the top. However, with all of the walking and directing I needed to do behind the scenes for the Sip'N Style photo shoot, I decided it would be more practical if I wore pants.  Although a second option, I decided to wear the mid-rise crop skinny jeans. Low rise would not have been the best proportionally, it would have shown too much skin and its all about keeping your look stylish and classy; a higher rise jean would have covered the mid section but taken a way from the top. Therefore, the mid-rise like a bowl of porridge was "just right, " suiting me perfectly, showing off my figure without showing too much skin while still making my top the focus of the outfit. To finish the look, a sharp, 3-4 inch heel is necessary; it will give you the additional height you need to elongate your frame so you won't look frumpy. 

For the Long and Lean (Inverted Triangle, Lean Column, Rectangle): most of the same style details are applicable to you, a fitted midi skirt will do you just fine. Because you are taller a skinny jean or pant isn't your only fit option. You could try a wide leg flare, loose boyfriends, or a cropped slim pant. 




The boyfriend jean has become a staple fit over the past few years. You would wonder how it got to that point, especially because the number one question I’ve gotten from my clients is how can I find a good pair of boyfriend jeans for my body type. 

For the petite and curvy: 

The boyfriend jean isn’t the most flattering fit, theres a lot of slouch and extra fabric. This often results in making you look larger than you actually are which isn’t figure flattering at all. The object is to get a boyfriend, not make men not want to talk to you at all. But rest assure that you can still get in these jeans. A slim boyfriend fit, has a little bit of slouch in the thigh but is tapered at the leg to give you a shape and will keep you from looking boxy and a few pounds heavier. If you like high rise jeans, other than the great advantage of hiding your mid section, high rise boyfriend jeans can elongate your frame.  I also have to wear slim boyfriends, being petite with a pear shape. I have grown to love Gap’s sexy boyfriend jeans as well as Madewell’s Slim Boy Jean. I’ve also listed a few other brands below to try. 

Best for the Petite and Curvy: 

For the Tall and Slim: 

The boyfriend jeans was made just for your frame, especially those with a lean or boyish frame.  The slouch and bagginess doenst look ill fitting on you, making it easy to throw on a cute pair of flats or heels. All variations of the boyfriend jean like cropped, high waist usually look great on your frame. If you feel like it jeans are a little too baggy the slim boy jean also is applicable to your body type. 

Best for the Tall and Slim:


If you know anything about a San Francisco fall, you know that its not fall at all.  The days are filled with the heat of summer suns, while the nights are chilly and brisk. As a result, its often hard to figure out a way to dress for a full day out. To add to my perplexity, my agenda was filled with a coffee date, church, and meeting a client later in the afternoon. So, I had the challenge of finding an outfit that would help me beat the heat and be professional.  My sleeveless high low peplum top was the element of dressy and cool that I needed. I'd usually wear my black ripped jeans  or skinny pants, but as style icon Kanye West once said black and white together is often "too work or too waiter...less contrast is more casual." I completely agree with him, especially in this dressier top. Therefore, I decided on my grey denim as it was casual but still professional enough for everything my day entailed. 

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To know me, is to know that my favorite season of the year is fall. I think its the change in the air coupled with the excitement of subtle, and easy layering.  The neutrals mixed with the oxblood color plays off each other and balances the look perfectly. This outfit itself is  a full expression of my love for the season, comprised of the items I couldn't possibly live without! Check out my collaboration on my must haves here, to read more about the items I absolutely have to have!


It may seem taboo to some to wear white after Labor Day, but to me it's natural.  Really, how fair is it to white to hide it in your closet for six months? It's not fair at all! If you're still apprehensive there are ways to help you make your whites Fall forward with you, it's all about color play. 

White on White: In spring and summer, it was all about pairing your brightest whites together and creating a fresh look. Fall and winter is a little different, instead of two bright whites together you layer on off white, cream, or ecru like I did.  Doing this creates, a tonal look, still easy on the eye as the colors compliment each other it just isn't as stark as your bright white monochromatic look you had in the front half of the year. 

Color: In the warmer months of the year, white can be easily amplified with yellow, royal blue, red, or green. Now that we are close to fall, neutrals like grey, olive, and black help to tone down the brightness of the white; this also helps allude and give the feeling that it's cooler outside. Rich jewel tones like burgundy and purple are also a great to pair with white to make for an easy transition from summer to fall. 


There is always a subtle quandary (at least in my mind) as to what the perfect outfit for a day in Napa should be. Especially because you have to take into account the heat, the practicality of the outfit, and how to look effortlessly chic at the same time.  With no time to hit the mall and realizing that long sleeve sweaters and jeans were the only things in stores in September, I decided to look in my closet to see that I could find. Usually, I would try to wear a dress, but since I moved to SF, I stopped buying  summer dresses because it's chilly most of the year. So my tank from Express, sufficed and its is usually my go to when I'm trying to find something quick. Im super obsessed with it, its reversible and versatile since I can dress it up or down. There was no way I was wearing jeans in the heat so going through my small pile of shorts I came across an old pair of lace shorts from Zara and decided the two would be perfect for a monochromatic look. 

Monochromatic, means that you're pairing the same color or color family together as a result you create an effortless yet chic look without overly thinking, its definitely a look and trend that's transferable to any season so I encourage you to try it out. Start out with grey, black, or white if your a little apprehensive, but once you've got it down try a bold color like emerald or burgundy, especially for fall! Always remember that it's a statement in itself, simplicity is key,  you don't need too much fuss in accessories or shoes when creating a look like this. 


This weekend I had the opportunity to go to a Cal State (Berkeley) game. Cal definitely isn't my alma matter so I wasn't going to go out of my way to buy any paraphernalia for it. I was really perplexed for a while trying to figure out exactly what I could wear to be able to look cute and still beat the heat. I came to the conclusion that I would just wear all black and not make any fuss over wearing the school colors or any thing.  I happened to be downtown the day before and found a navy blue floppy hat from Aldo.  I needed a new hat for fall and I thought I'd grab it since navy blue is an unexpected color to have for a hat. It worked out perfectly with my outfit and also tied in nicely still giving off a festive nod to Berkeley, since the school's colors are blue and gold. I tied a dark denim wash button up around my waist to help balance the look, it also came in handy for the cool night. 



On the eve of this Labor Day weekend I decided to bring out my bright white linen culottes one last time before I put them to bed for a few months. There are a few myths when it comes to what you should wear after Labor Day so I thought I'd share a few of my insights on staying crisp as fall steadily approaches. Some would say that you can't wear white, to me, white is just as relevant in the back half of the year as it is in the front. What I will say is that you should steer away from white shoes, heels, specifically you can wear your bright white sneakers all year long. Also if you're going to wear white jeans wear them with a cream or off white sweater for the season.  As far as fabrics are concerned its time to put your linen to rest until spring. 



G Day, otherwise known as my birthday was an amazing day filled with love from coworkers and friends. I was grateful for the time shared with them and making my day special, especially being away from my family. Even though I had to work, I still wanted to make sure I looked great in whatever I wore that day. I decided on this romanic, 70's inspired top. I loved the femininity and billowing of the sleeves, it looked so expensive, and I got so many compliments; people were definitely shocked when I said I purchased it from Forever 21. I threw on a pair of olive (my) work appropriate shorts that complimented the shirt quite well. I went back and forth between a natural colored shoe or the olive but there was something that felt right about and unexpected about the my olive gladiators. The outfit was simple and chic, my accessories followed suit, I stacked a few of my favorite rings and my Giles and Brothers bracelet. 



The San Francisco summer has officially started (late of course)and its finally time to bring out my shorts to beat the heat. As much as I would love to wear my high waisted denim cut offs, they aren't work appropriate. So I decided to cut a pair of boyfriend jeans and make a cool denim bermuda. I layered on a lighter wash tunic for contrast and an easy white tank top. To break up the blues I put on a neutral shoe. The lace up booties are perfect for the transitional time between summer and fall and the low heel was an added bonus for my walk to work.   


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I spent last week bathing in the Hawaii sun for my birthday with family. On a much needed break from the commercialization and the hustle and bustle of city life I decided to escape to Kona Island. I enjoyed being able to relax, eat PINEAPPLES, and get in touch with my adventurous side But paddle boarding lessons, trekking up a volcano, and poolsides, I still found time to share a few of my outfits while I was there!



Lately, I've been all about comfort- ditching my heels for sneakers. With all of the thriving innovation and push for fashion, sneakers have been taken out of their perceptive wear-to-workout box.  Sneakers are now a statement and expression of ones individuality through color, print, pattern, and brand. Even hough my "southern" self kept screaming that it was a faux pas to wear sneakers with a dress, it felt quite invigorating to take a step outside of the norm.  I had had my eye on the SL Loop Adidas for quite sometime and finally decided to take the plunge. I love the color, especially since I don't wear pink it didn't feel overtly feminine and still had a little bit of edge. The elements of color and style that I appreciated about the shoe gave me confidence to be bold and wear them with my midi dress.  I received so many compliments and I must say it felt  great it felt to go to a day party and not have to leave with my feet stinging from being in heels for so long.  



Living in SF for the past year and getting accustomed to the constant weather changes during the day, I've had to master the art of layering. As a result, my creativity has expanded beyond just layering on a jacket over a chunky sweater, to learning new ways to be more versatile with my wardrobe. My "top" is actually a romper from Fifth the Label, I bought it a couple of months ago with hopes to wear it over the summer; however, the weather hasn't been on my side. I finally got tired of looking at it on a hanger and decided that I was going to find a way to wear it so I threw on a pair of paper bag waist pants over it. Surprisingly, it turned out to be an adorable outfit! I also added a pair of lace up heels to add some length to the look. 

HOW TO: Here's a few more details about how I created the style above:

  1.  The pants should be a little loose, you don't want the shorts from the romper to show through your pants. 
  2. Make sure your pants are high waisted to cover the cinching at the waist that most rompers have (so paper bag waist pants are definitely perfect). 
  3. Layer a jacket over the look and wear your romper-pant combo into fall!

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Culottes (pronounced Coo-lot), actually aren't that cool. Don't get me wrong, it a super cute pant it just doesn't warrant itself to be as democratic for ever body type as a good skinny ankle pant. I'd also have to mention that the best renditions, I've seen, of people in culottes, are by women who tall and lean. However, that shouldn't keep you totally away from trying them. I was actually challenged by a co-worker to try them out. I initially said no, I'm 5 '3, with larger thighs so it didn't sound right for me, and I definitely wasnt going to pay full price. Luckily, I saw a pair on markdown at Gap for three dollars, and thought I had nothing to lose. I was actually super excited about trying them and seeing if I could really pull them off. I loved the fabric of the pants, they are a light linen blend so I wanted to play with textures so I layered on the J.O.A. crop top with tassels and I loved the subtle contrast of cream and white. Since the pants were high on my waist, and the crop top was longer than most it made it pretty easy for me to wear to work. I layered on my olive shirt jacket for more depth of color. I finished the look with a high heel- I needed to add length so that I wouldn't look shorter and frumpy. I can't say that I'd go all out and make this my new favorite pant, but it was definitely worth a college try!



Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.03.32 AM.png

After styling all of my participants for my Summer Sip'N Style, the last person I wanted to worry about was myself. So initially I said that I would just wear a dress, because its an simple and easy outfit, and with the right accessories and shoes it look just as stylized as separate pieces. When I saw this dress by Glamorous, I knew it was the one! With my floppy hat, lipstick and shoes out I could just take the time to focus on the logistical work that had to be done for the shoot.  The day before the event I went shopping to remove my jitters and found a pair of white cropped pants I had been in search for for the summer. When I tried them on at home I thought to myself, I wonder how the pants would look under my dress and ended up loving how the pieces came together. I got instant gratification because I now had more than one way to wear this fabulous dress, and could get more use out of it for what I paid for it. Since my dress has a  tie at the waist, it made it easier to create the facade that my dress was a top. The outfit was so perfect for the event. The dress is by far one of my favorite versatile pieces I have in my closet - I can't wait to wear the dress by itself again this summer, or put a pair of black leather skinnies under it for Fall! 



To know me, is to know I that I love olive. Truly, its one of the few colors I wear when I diverge from my neutral palette of black, grey, and white. Lucky for me its a statement color this summer. Olive is a darker hue so to create a summery outfit you should mix it with orange, cobalt, yellow or nude tones because it  provides brightness and breaks up the density that olive tends to have; thats why I decided to wear Lady Danger by MAC, and lighten it up a bit. For this day party I went for a monochromatic look, pairing the skirt with  a high neck tank from Old Navy and twisted it at the waist to give me more of a shape.  I sealed the deal by complimenting the look snakeskin to pumps and a clutch to add a textural element.